Skyscanner Review: The Best Website For Finding Cheap Flights in 2023

Sep 10, 2023 By Sean William

Do you want to avoid spending hours online searching for affordable travel options? Skyscanner, headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a flight search engine that compares prices across hundreds of airlines, hotels, and car rental businesses.

Skyscanner's rapid growth may be attributed to its user-friendliness, technology, and ability to meet the demands of harried vacationers searching for affordable air travel. Skyscanner has the cheapest airline pricing of any travel website, giving it a perfect score and making it a top recommendation. A flight fare aggregator like this one makes planning a trip much simpler.

Skyscanner isn't only for booking flights; it also can purchase hotels, rental cars, and rail tickets. Skyscanner is a travel search engine that is very simple to use, includes all the major airlines, and provides somewhat accurate pricing. In this frank and open review, find out what Skyscanner is, how it operates, and how it compares to other search engines.

What is Skyscanner?

Skyscanner is a top choice when looking for cheap flights. At first, Skyscanner was just a nice place to look for airline tickets. The phrase's origin is obvious: you "scan the sky" for discounts; however, they apply to a wider range of destinations.

You may use it to search a huge database of airline and OTA prices for flights, hotels, and auto rentals. Skyscanner is your best bet if you need to book a flight, a hotel room, or a rental vehicle. Whether planning a vacation months or hoping for a last-minute discount, you'll find everything you need there.

Flight-specific functionality is no longer the sole thing you can accomplish on this website. You can easily compare hundreds of flights from airlines worldwide at any time with Skyscanner, thanks to its straightforward interface, allowing you to get the best deals before they're gone.

How Does Skyscanner Work?

Since Skyscanner is primarily a flight search engine, all you need to do to use it is enter your preferred trip dates (you may search by particular dates or by month) and destination, and then you'll have access to all the available flight alternatives.

Airports, cities, and even entire countries may be searched. Traveling to and from large cities with several airports will automatically narrow your options to the most convenient ones.

Skyscanner Features

Skyscanner stands out from other travel search engines and online travel firms with its unique Everywhere Search function, which may be a source of trip inspiration. Anyone may use Everywhere Search to locate low-cost flights to any city in the world, no matter where they happen to be.

It serves a similar purpose as a travel-themed Magic 8 Ball by inspiring amazing vacations. Furthermore, Skyscanner is a great tool for finding the most cost-effective travel dates, especially if you're flexible with your departure time. When you enter your desired location and travel dates, they recommend the least expensive months to fly, allowing you to select whatever days you like.

To maximize your time and reach the most people, you may simultaneously enter up to six locations into the search bar. Skyscanner will alert you if you may save $100 by departing or arriving at a neighboring airport.

The superiority of Skyscanner Searches

The search quality on Skyscanner is remarkable, and the site makes researching flights straightforward. It does this by retrieving airfare prices from places worldwide and tracking pricing trends over time to provide you with the best costs for your travel bookings.

Set up price alerts on Skyscanner so that you are immediately notified whenever the price of a ticket to a place you are interested in reduces. It will save you the time and effort of conducting hours of research to find the best or least expensive flights. Skyscanner possesses powerful search capabilities that may be adapted to your specific requirements and tastes at the stroke of a button.

You may sort the results of your search for flights by cheapest, fastest, or best, depending on the most important criteria for your trip. If you want to get there without waiting around at layovers and stops, sorting the flights by "fastest" will show you which ones have the shortest or greatest nonstop routes.

Pricing on Skyscanner

Skyscanner offers some of the most competitive flight fares available online. In a price comparison, it is known that the flight fares were the lowest on 13 out of 28 occasions. That's because they work nonstop to discover the best possible deals on flights to locations all over the world by monitoring hundreds of airlines and OTAs for price decreases.

After inputting your origin airport, destination airport, and travel dates, the calendar will update to provide the cheapest (green), average (orange), and most costly (red) days to fly. If you're trying to plan a trip on a tight budget, you'll be relieved that the prices you see on Skyscanner already include all of the usual taxes and levies.

Skyscanner displayed price is often the ultimate amount you'll pay. When you find a ticket you want, Skyscanner will send you to the OTA or airline selling those seats so you can make your payment and finalize your booking there.

Benefits Os Skyscanner

  • Skyscanner can save you a lot of money on airfare if you take the time to familiarize yourself with its features.
  • A nice method to see what things cost in stores worldwide simultaneously is to use the "Everywhere" search option.
  • Skyscanner searches hundreds of airlines and routes to find you the cheapest, most convenient flights available around the globe.
  • Skyscanner isn't only good for finding cheap flights; it can also help you find cheap hotels and rental vehicles near the airport or other points of interest.
  • Use the flight search with many cities to identify the most cost-effective itinerary, including several stops over the same period.

Drawbacks Of Skyscanner

  • Skyscanner has limited support alternatives because it does not facilitate direct bookings. However, it gives helpful information for contacting the airline or travel agent.
  • Skyscanner is a flight search engine, similar to Google Flights, that sends you to a different website to make your reservation.


Your satisfaction with Skyscanner depends on your grasp of its purpose and function. Consider it more like Amazon than a traditional booking service since while you may discover excellent prices on it, you should also be mindful that there are some less-than-honest merchants out there.

If you're trying to cut costs on your next trip, Skyscanner should be your first stop. Just be cautious to verify the reliability and policies of any unfamiliar third-party site before committing to a reservation through them.

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