10 The Best Places To Visit In Jalgaon In 2023: An Overview

Sep 12, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Jalgaon is sitting deep in the heart of Maharashtra. The city is famous for its intricate architecture and rich history. Unfortunately, many tourists and explorers are unaware of this gem, making it an underrated spot.

There are so many temples and forts in Jalgaon. But Omkareshwar Mandir, Shree Manudevi, Patna Devi, Waghur Dam, Padmalaya, Shree Sant Muktabai Temple, Mahatma Gandhi Garden, Hatnur Dam, Swinging Towers Of Farkande, and Mehrun Park are the best places to visit in the town.

Jalgaon is also famous as the "Banana City" of India, as the city caters to a massive quality of bananas in Maharashtra. It is a city of history and serenity which offers you the most beautiful and perfect places to visit. Even if you are a history lover and love to explore the traditions and culture, the city will never disappoint you. All the tourist attractions in Jalgaon have something unique to explore.

Below are the best places to visit in Jalgaon with family. So, add all of them to your hit list and explore the culture and life of Jalgaon people like a local!

10 The Best Places to Visit in Jalgaon

Jalgaon is located in Maharashtra, an Indian state, and produces 2/3 of Maharashtra's bananas. Also, the city has gained popularity because of its gold production. Therefore, you might also know it as the Gold City. Another reason for this name is the fine type of gold available in the city, which is sold at higher prices.

Now, let's look over the best places in Jalgaon to explore:

Omkareshwar Mandir

Omkareshwar Mandir in Jalgaon is one of this region's most popular places. So, if you are visiting Jalgaon, you must explore this spiritual awakening spot. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shive. The place displays amazing architecture and beautiful surroundings.

The temple hosts many popular festivals here. So, joining any of these celebrations here will be a priceless experience. The best part is that this place is easier to access and you can easily reach there either by public or private transport.

Shree Manudevi

Manudevi is another amazing place to visit in Jalgaon. It is situated on the border of Satpura hills. Many people across the country come to visit this famous place of devotion. You will also find it an incredible place for a picnic.

If you have to plan Jalgaon for one day, this will be an amazing place to visit. The area in neighbor of the temple is surrounded by green forests, which adds more beauty to this place to cherish!

Patna Devi

It is one of the most visited places in the town. It is a historic point covered by lush green trails and boundaries from all four sides. Once, it was the province's capital because of its natural beauty. This place is equally important for both the history buffs and nature lovers. The historic icon shows you an incredible high mountain range and relics from the Yadav King era.

Waghur Dam

Another incredible place to visit in Jalgaon is this dam, an ideal spot for reviving the soul. The dam is situated right on the Waghur River and is responsible for supplying water to the region. Water splashing in the edges gives a spectacular view and beautifully flows through the canals to fulfill the irrigation needs. This scenic view is undoubtedly a delight to the eye. So, this place is a must-visit if you want to get your soul fresh in the cool breeze and beautiful view.


The place is a famous tourist attraction of India and a must-visit if you are tired of visiting crowded touristy spots. The Padmalaya temple is on a steep hill, and many other smaller Ganpati temples surround it. The huge bell you will find there weighs more than 440 kg.

Shree Sant Muktabai Temple

If you never tire of visiting the temples, this is another top temple. The temple worships the Muktbai. She is a saint known as a devotional songwriter and belongs to the Varkari tradition. She has written 40+ different songs. Here, songs are used for communication and conversation till dateMuktabai was born in the Deshastha Brahmin family. The writer was the youngest of her siblings.

Mahatma Gandhi Garden

The garden is located in the city's heart and is well-known for its incredible collection of vibrant flowers. After getting into the garden, the fresh small flowers and the remarkable array of differently colored flowers will be a feast for your eyes. The classical display of this vibrant flower is the real cause of why this place remains crowded.

Hatnur Dam

It is another very beautiful travel destination in the city where you can witness the water flooding. Its water storage capacity is 9.3 cubic meters, and the dam significantly supplies water to the city. It is a great picnic spot that will melt your heart.

Swinging Towers Of Farkande

You will find these towers on the bank of the Utawadi River, about 16 kilometers away from Erandol. The towers illustrate the traditional building techniques incredibly. The 150-year-old towers are 15 meters long. It is said that both towers shake at the same time.

Mehrun Park

It is an old park you will find in this city. The garden is full of various types of flowers and lush green grass, which adds a lot to the beauty of this garden. Here, you can feel the fresh aroma of the clean environment blended with the fragrance of flowers. You must visit this place on the weekends to avoid the crowds and enjoy your company far away from the hustling places.


Omkareshwar Mandir, Swinging Towers Of Farkande, Shree Manudevi, Waghur Dam, Patna Devi, Padmalaya, Shree Sant Muktabai Temple, Hatnur Dam, Mahatma Gandhi Garden, and Mehrun Park are the best places to visit in Jalgaon.

Now, if you are thinking about how to get there and the best time to visit, the city is well-connected with its neighbors. You can reach there by air, rod, or rail. The best months to visit Jalgaon are from October to March.

So, now, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag, book your ticket, and reach there to explore the most scenic city in India!

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