Guidegeek Review: Is This AI Travel Assistant Worth Using in 2023

Sep 10, 2023 By Sean William

The use of AI, particularly in the form of chatbots, is spreading fast across a variety of economic sectors. While it may have been annoying to deal with a robot in the past when you required customer support, modern AI has become increasingly human-like, to the point where it can readily interpret user demands and reply with pertinent information.

The public's access to AI tools like ChatGPT and the increasing use of AI in the business world may be put to various uses. Artificial intelligence has already proven useful in various settings, including customer service, content making, and education; it seems to reason that it would also find its way into the tourism sector.

Matador Network, a frontrunner in the travel and journalism industry, has leveraged AI to create GuideGeek. Your next vacation will be easier to organize with the aid of this AI-powered virtual assistant. Additional AI programs can provide information about trip locations and itineraries, but their uses are broader, and some cost memberships.

What is GuideGeek?

GuideGeek is a cutting-edge AI-based travel companion. It's made to help individuals organize travels, find one-of-a-kind activities, and learn how to get about in new places. Guide Geek employs artificial intelligence algorithms to produce personalized suggestions based on your preferences and interests, making it different from conventional travel guides that don't consider your needs and interests.

Just tell it your needs, which will provide you with tailored recommendations. Guide Geek will customize every vacation aspect to meet your needs, whether for excitement, education, rest, or leisure. Make sure to give it the right kind of direction. However, unlike its competitors, GuideGeek doesn't charge you a dime to use and is tailored to answering travel-related inquiries.

How to use GuideGeek?

GuideGeek is now only accessible through WhatsApp but will be available on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and SMS shortly. You should learn the basics of WhatsApp before leaving on your trip if you haven't already. Due to its massive user base, ease of use, and lack of location restrictions when using WiFi, WhatsApp has become a widely adopted messaging and video chatting program worldwide.

After installing WhatsApp and providing a phone number, the chatbot may communicate through text messages like a real friend or travel agent. GuideGeek travel assistant is new and still being tested; thus, it is in beta.

They will likely make adjustments and add new features as they collect user input and fix any problems that may arise. If the information you receive concerns visas or entrance requirements, you should verify its correctness. Confirming transit times, locations, and costs is also recommended.

Advantages of using Guide Geek

The advantages of using Guide Geek are numerous and will improve your trip. It will help you avoid wasting time and energy on unnecessary research. Guide Geek's AI algorithms do the legwork for you, creating the best choices based on your tastes saving you countless hours of scouring travel websites and forums.

Without worrying about logistics, you can focus on having fun on your vacation. In addition to the information in a standard guidebook, Guide Geek also provides suggestions from locals. Guide Geek will show you the best-kept secrets of your location, whether a hidden-gem restaurant, a lesser-known hiking route, or a secret vista.

Having peace of mind when utilizing Guide Geek is another perk. Visiting a foreign country for the first time may be nerve-wracking, especially if you don't know the language or cultural norms. You can relax and have fun when traveling to new areas with the help of Guide Geek.

There is no telling where you may sleep due to the travel delays and aircraft cancellations. Having Guide Geek readily available removes any anxiety. Get out your phone and ask Guide Geek for directions.

Will Guidegeek Replace Travel Blogs And Tour Operators?

The tourism business is dynamic and always evolving. GuideGeek is just one example of a user-friendly artificial intelligence solution that can help you save time and effort while giving you access to a robust personal travel companion that will help you make the most of every trip.

Will this take the role of personal blogs and travel agencies? Not at this time. One day, perhaps. But not right now. However, it is another free and simple tool for organizing a vacation.

This digital travel agent has quickly become a must-have for vacationers worldwide, thanks to its ability to provide tailored suggestions and rapid itinerary planning and booking support. So, put GuideGeek to work for you as you embark on your next fantastic adventure.

Remember that the journey is just half the fun; the best part is the preparation and anticipation leading up to it. Your travels will be an exciting new experience when you have GuideGeek by your side.

Working Together with Guidegeek

Motamedi has formed a partnership with GuideGeek to produce the show. The Matador Network owns this free artificial intelligence travel aide and uses ChatGPT technology. The recently introduced chatbot will be in charge of planning practically every aspect of the family's trip, from selecting the many places they will stop to planning where they will dine each day.

GuideGeek has chosen not to release any information on the financial aspects of the agreement. After spending a month in a new nation, Motamedi will consult GuideGeek about the best place for them to go on their next vacation based on their general interests.

Such include beautiful beaches, fascinating buildings, and mouthwatering food. According to Motamedi, the family would handle the day-to-day issues, such as making airplane reservations and locating suitable housing.


GuideGeek is a digital assistant for planning and booking vacations driven by artificial intelligence. Matador Network provides customers with instantaneous recommendations on lodging, food, attractions, travel routes, safety, local traditions, and more by using the internet's collective knowledge and curated expertise. Find out where you should stay, what restaurants to try, and what attractions to visit depending on your interests and budget.

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